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From Poland’s striking history, that tell the tales of world wars and its many past uprisings, to its bustling cities, iconic palaces and off the beaten track mountains, forests and lakes, there is a bucket list of things to do fused with unexpected allure.

Poland boasts 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the popular old town hub of Kraków and the intriguing Wieliczka Salt Mines. You’ll also witness chocolate box districts with cobbled labyrinth alleys and church spires, iconic underground tunnels that showcase the earliest settlements of Kraków city and upbeat cellar bars that take you into the heat of the night... 

Resorts in Poland

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Top 5 Things To Do
Warsaw - A Majestic Marvel

Explore the Royal Castle, where you're the VIP guest! Get ready to be wowed as you step inside and discover a treasure trove fit for kings and queens. From fancy tapestries to posh furniture, the State Rooms are like stepping back in time—you might even feel like you're rubbing elbows with Polish royalty! Ever wanted to sit on a throne? Now's your chance in the Throne Room! Feel the power and majesty as you channel your inner king or queen—it's a royal fantasy come true! And don't forget to peek into the Royal Apartments, where you can imagine lavish parties and extravagant banquets. It's like crashing a fancy royal soirée—minus the dress code! Art buffs, get ready to art out! The castle's art collection is off the charts, with masterpieces from Polish and international artists. It's like wandering through a mini-art museum right in the castle! But the fun doesn't stop inside; step out to explore the castle grounds, where you can chill in manicured gardens and soak in epic views of Warsaw's skyline and the Vistula River. It's the perfect backdrop for your royal selfies! And before you leave, don't forget to snag some royal-worthy souvenirs, because who doesn't want to bring a piece of royal glam home with them?

Katowice - Admire Modern Art

Szyb Wilson Gallery is a cool spot for checking out modern art! The gallery is actually located in a former coal mine shaft, which gives it this really unique atmosphere. You'll be walking through these underground tunnels, surrounded by all these amazing artworks from both Polish and international artists. There's this one exhibit you've got to see called "The Depths of Creativity." It's super cool because it combines contemporary art with the coal mine shaft's industrial history. As you explore the gallery, you'll come across all kinds of art, from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations. It's such a dynamic and fascinating place, whether you're a hardcore art lover or just curious about modern artistic expressions.

Krakow - Krakow's Kaleidoscopic Heartbeat

Stroll through Krakow and right in the heart of it all, is Rynek Główny. This square is huge, medieval, and buzzing with life. You've got to check out St. Mary's Basilica; it's like something out of a Gothic dream and is known for its Hejnał mariacki trumpet call, and did we mention the street performers? They'll keep you entertained for hours. Don't forget to snap photos from the Town Hall Tower, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the square and is a great spot for photography! Walk down to Sukiennice  (Cloth Hall). This gorgeous Renaissance building is an architectural masterpiece, housing a bustling market where you can shop till you drop for local crafts and souvenirs. Don't leave without snagging some amber jewellery straight from the Baltic Sea or stunning folk pottery that'll add a pop of colour to your home!

Warsaw - Try The Local Cuisine

Go on a culinary adventure in Warsaw, where flavours are bold, and dishes are hearty! Bite into Pierogi, those heavenly dumplings stuffed with all sorts of yummy fillings, like meat, potato, cheese, or mushrooms. Feeling chilly? Warm up with a steaming bowl of Zurek, a sour rye flour soup loaded with sausage and a boiled egg—it's like a hug in a bowl! And let's not forget about Kotlet schabowy, the crispy breaded pork cutlet that's basically Poland's version of comfort food heaven. For a gourmet experience, head to Polka in Śródmieście,  in Śródmieście, which is the central business district. They serve up modern twists on Polish classics, like duck with red cabbage and an epic pierogi selection that'll make your mouth water. Or, if you're craving a taste of tradition, swing by Restauracja Różana in Mokotów. Their vintage vibes and dishes like żurek and gołąbki will transport you straight to the heart of Polish cuisine. Hungry yet?

Krakow - Visit The Old Synagogue 

Let's uncover the magic of Krakow's Kazimierz—the beating heart of Jewish heritage in Krakow! Walk along the cobblestone streets lined with quirky cafes buzzing with life, and colourful street art. You absolutely must explore the synagogue — now a museum — is a place to explore the culture and heritage of Krakow’s Jewish community, who mostly lived in the district of Kazimierz. And when you're peckish, try Jewish delicacies like crispy potato latkes or savoury matzo ball soup at one of the district's charming cafes. Don't forget to take a moment to admire the eclectic street art, which adds a pop of creativity to every corner. And before you go, make sure you pick up some handmade Judaica crafts or unique souvenirs from the local artisans—they're the perfect mementos of your Kazimierz adventure!

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