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Prague Holidays

Crowned as ‘The City of A Hundred Spires’, Prague’s skyline is known as one of the best. Experience its all-season enchantment where dreamy charm meets vibrant energy, captivating travellers with its rich history and Bohemian allure.

While summer flaunts scenic boat trips to Vyšehrad Castle, the most magical time of year is Christmas when the festive markets, sweet traditional trdelník pastry and snow blanketed Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square showcase the city in its finest colours.

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of the UNESCO-listed Prague Castle, where centuries of royalty have left their mark, or stroll across the iconic Charles Bridge, adorned with statues and offering breathtaking views of the Vltava River. Marvel the astronomical wonder of the Prague Astronomical Clock, as it comes to life with its captivating hourly show.

Delight in the bohemian spirit of the city by savouring traditional Czech delicacies or enjoying a pint of world-famous Czech beer in a cozy pub. Whether you explore the charming Old Town Square, with its whimsical architecture and buzzing atmosphere, or venture into the mysterious depths of the bone-chilling Sedlec Ossuary in nearby Kutná Hora, Prague is a spectacular journey through time and culture, with exceptional beer!

General Information
Time Difference

Time zones difference between Prague and the UK is +1 hour.


Czech Koruna

Currency can be changed at currency exchange offices, banks, as well as at the post office. In the resort areas both Visa and Mastercard cards and CZK in cash are accepted for payment.

When exchanging money, please note that currency exchange offices may charge a commission for each transaction.

Things To Do
Testament Of Legends And Romantic Tales...

Step onto the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague and get ready for a whimsical journey through history and a dash of playful charm! Join the bustling parade of tourists and locals, striking your best poses and capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy shots. Pause to admire the breathtaking views of the Vltava River, feeling like a protagonist in a fairytale adventure. Test your luck by rubbing the statues for good fortune, hoping to unlock a magical wish or two. And as you cross the bridge, let the melodies of talented street musicians serenade your stroll, adding a joyful soundtrack to your unforgettable experience!

Heartbeat Of The City  

Take a selfie with the iconic Astronomical Clock, striking a pose that outshines the moving figurines. Get lost in the enchanting maze of cobblestone streets, imagining yourself in a medieval fairytale. Treat your taste buds to delicious Trdelník pastries, savouring every sweet and sugary bite. And when the sun sets, gather with friends in the square, joining the lively street performers and creating memories that will make you smile long after your visit. The Old Town Square is not just a place—it's a vibrant stage where the magic of Prague unfolds before your very eyes!

Romantic Serenity !

Float along the picturesque Vltava River, feeling like a VIP aboard your floating paradise. Sip on a refreshing beverage, toasting to the beauty of Prague's stunning architecture that unfolds before your eyes. Snap panoramic photos that will make it to your socials, capturing the magic of the city from a unique perspective. And as the sun sets, get ready to groove to the rhythm of live music, dancing the night away as the twinkling lights of Prague create a dazzling backdrop.

A Doorway To A World Of Wonder

Prepare for an enchanting adventure as you visit Prague Castle, the majestic jewel of the city that will make your heart skip a beat! Wander through centuries of history, imagining yourself as a royal knight or a regal queen. Explore the grand halls and hidden chambers, unlocking secrets that whisper tales of intrigue and power. Don't forget to strike your most majestic pose against the breathtaking backdrop of St. Vitus Cathedral, capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy moment. And as you step out of the castle, take a moment to soak up the sweeping views of Prague's charming rooftops, feeling like you've discovered a magical kingdom!

Hearty And Comforting

A mouthwatering journey to tantalise your taste buds where culinary adventures and scrumptious delights await! Indulge in the hearty goodness of goulash, a comforting stew that will warm your soul and make your belly dance with joy. Treat yourself to a plate of traditional svíčková, tender beef bathed in a creamy sauce that will have you licking your fingers in delight. Don't forget to sample the famous trdelník, a sweet pastry rolled in cinnamon sugar that will make your sweet tooth sing with happiness. And for the ultimate Czech experience, wash it all down with a pint of world-renowned Czech beer, raising your glass in a cheerful toast to the flavours of Prague.

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