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Ride a camel across golden dunes and sleep under a blanket of stars...Morocco is where ancient promise and vibrant modernity is wildly weaved into a spellbinding tapestry of enchanting sights, hypnotic flavours and Sahara adventures.

From the vibrant souks and labyrinthine streets of blush-tinted Marrakech, where the scents of exotic spices fill the air and artisans create masterpieces before your eyes to the serene Sahara desert, majestic Atlas Mountains and cascading Ouzoud Waterfalls, embrace the beauty Morocco.

A soulful land where centuries-old medinas, bejewelled belly dancers and the timeless allure of the Moroccan culture ignite a colourful escapade like no other. Unwind on the picturesque beaches of Essaouira, where the Atlantic waves crash against ancient fortress walls, offering the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Discover the iconic blue-hued town of Chefchaouen, where you'll fascinate in a maze of winding streets adorned with vibrant facades. And luxuriate in the tantalizing flavours of Moroccan cuisine, savouring aromatic tagines and freshly brewed mint tea.

Resorts in Morocco

General information
Time Difference

Time zones difference between Morocco and the UK is 0 hours.


Moroccan Dirham

Currency can be changed at currency exchange offices, banks, as well as at the post office. In the resort areas both Visa and Mastercard cards and dirham in cash are accepted for payment.

When exchanging money, please note that currency exchange offices may charge a commission for each transaction.

Top 5 Things To Do
Agadir - Beach Out !

Head to Agadir beach where golden sands meet the shimmering azure sea, feel the warm sand between your toes as you stroll along the promenade, with palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Indulge in beachside activities, from thrilling water sports to building sandcastles. Relax under colourful umbrellas, sip refreshing drinks and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Let the rhythm of the waves and the laughter of fellow beachgoers transport you to a world of endless summer joy.

Marrakesh - Curiosities Around Every Corner...

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleys, where vibrant colours and enticing aromas fill the air while discovering hidden gems tucked away in the bustling market stalls, from exquisite handmade crafts to aromatic spices that awaken your senses. The Medina is the historic old town of Marrakesh and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a guided tour or get lost in the labyrinthine streets, taking in the sights and sounds of this bustling neighbourhood.

Marrakesh- A Vibrant Adventure

Lose yourself amidst the kaleidoscope of colours as you wander through this botanical paradise of Jardin Majorelle. Stroll along the cobalt blue pathways lined with exotic plants and striking cacti. Discover hidden corners adorned with vibrant blooms and whimsical sculptures. Pose for Instagram-worthy photos against the backdrop of the iconic Majorelle Blue villa. Take a moment to relax in the tranquil oasis, where the melodies of chirping birds and bubbling fountains serenade your senses. The Jardin Majorelle is a haven of beauty and charm, inviting you to escape into a world of enchantment.

Casablanca - Lost In Wonderland

With every twist and turn, the Medina unveils surprises, making each adventure delightful ! Step into a maze of enchantment and lose yourself in the narrow alleys filled with vibrant colours, aromatic spices and bustling market stalls. Engage in playful haggling with friendly merchants over traditional handicrafts, exquisite textiles and unique souvenirs. Discover hidden gems like cosy tea houses, lively street performers and charming local artisans. Let the rhythmic sounds of traditional music guide your footsteps as you immerse yourself in the authentic Moroccan atmosphere.

Casablanca - Blast From The Past

Drive 102 kilometres south of Casablanca to reach the sea-facing, UNESCO-listed 16th century fortress of El Jadida's Citadel. As you scramble through the ruins, you will be rewarded with some breathtaking views of the sea. Wander through the lanes that transport you to the well-preserved sections of the fort. Do not miss the atmospheric cistern, which is located in the centre and was used as a filming location in the famous Orson Welles' movie Othello.

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