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Las Vegas Holidays

Welcome to the glittering oasis of Las Vegas, where the red carpet of excitement and entertainment awaits!

From strolling along the iconic Las Vegas Strip, adorned with towering resorts and dazzling lights, to trying your luck with the infinite slots of world-famous casinos, this flamboyant city never fails to impress. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Bellagio Fountains, where water dances to the rhythm of music, or witness the electrifying performances of renowned artists at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

Indulge in delectable culinary delights prepared by world-class chefs, or embark on a thrilling adventure with a helicopter tour over the majestic Grand Canyon. Whether you're seeking casinos with chichi cocktail bars and private poker rooms, a pulsating neon lit nightlife, fascinating shows, or world-class shopping, Las Vegas promises an electrifying energy like no other.

General Information
Time Difference

Time zones difference between Las Vegas and the UK is -8 hours.


US Dollars

Currency can be changed at currency exchange offices, banks, as well as at the post office. In the resort areas both Visa and Mastercard cards and US dollars in cash are accepted for payment.

When exchanging money, please note that currency exchange offices may charge a commission for each transaction.

Things To Do
It's Caesar Time

Head to the modern-day Roman empire, with its grand architecture, lavish amnesties and endless entertainment. You will feel like a high roller as you stroll through the casino or take in a show at the Colosseum. And with restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matsuhisa, you’ ll have no shortage of delicious options to indulge in. Make sure to check out the iconic fountain and statue of Julius Caesar you’ll definitely feel like you’ve been transported back to ancient Rome – but with a decidedly Vegas twist. We definitely recommend visiting the Caesar palace and to live like an emperor for a day or weekend!

World Of Elegance And Luxury

Indulge in a slice of Italy but in the middle of the desert! Step into the Venetian and Palazzo and be allured by their beautiful canals, gondolas and stunning architecture. Indulge at one of the world-class restaurants and splash out as you peruse through the high-end shopping centre! If you choose one of the luxury accommodations here, we guarantee you won’t feel like leaving. Make sure to experience the nightly entertainment and lively casino scene that will keep you on your toes—just watch out for the occasional Elvis impersonator! So go experience the romance and luxury of the Venetian and Palazzo and live like a Venetian (or at least a Vegas version of one!)

Fremont Street Experience

If you’re looking for a wild time in Las Vegas? Head down to Fremont Street Experience. With its dazzling light show, live music and street performers, you’ll feel like you’ve steeped into a psychedelic dream. And with some of the city’s oldest and quirkiest casinos, you’ll get a state of Vegas history while you are at it. Plus, where else can you zip line through a crowd of cheering spectators? Join the party at Fremont Street and see what kind of shenanigans you can get into!

A Night To Remember...

If you want to experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, look no further than the infamous strip. With its neon lights, towering casinos, and celebrity sightings, it’s like a giant 24-hour party. And with a seemingly endless supply of buffets, bars and boutiques, you’ll never run out of things to do (or eat). But beware! The strip can be a bit overwhelming with its constant sensory overload and mile-long walks between casinos. So, make sure you bring your most comfortable shoes, your sense of adventure and your best poker face!

The Mountains Are Calling...

If you’re in need of a break from the flashing lights and ringing slot machines of Las Vegas, look no further! Head to the Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, with its towering red cliffs, stunning desert vistas and hiking trail galore, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature (and burn off some of those buffet calories). With plenty of impunities for rock climbing, mountain biking and even horse riding, there’s something for every kind of adventurer.

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