Quality Policy

To provide services that will meet the expectations of our current and future guests by following the developments in this sector,

Working efficiently without sacrificing quality.

With the understanding of social responsibility brought by our brand, giving priority to raising awareness of our employees, our guests and the local people, to take and implement decisions in this direction.

To comply with the requirements of the current International and National Legislations, to minimize the environmental pollution that may arise as a result of its activities, to follow and apply technological developments in order to ensure the correct use of natural resources; to provide regular information about the work we do to protect the environment.

Setting targets for continuous improvement.

To minimize all kinds of negativities by considering the health and safety of our employees and guests, to provide equal opportunities to all our employees, and to ensure that there is no language, religion, race and gender discrimination.

To value our employees' satisfaction and personal and professional development, and to ensure that they have training in this direction.

We are committed as the Holiday Best family.

The Management