10 Reasons to Jet off on Holiday in July


Author: Tima Maherali, Senior Content Creator

July is definitely a perfect time to pack your bags and jet off on holiday. Whether you're after sun-soaked beaches or cultural escapades, this month offers a fantastic opportunity to explore new destinations in the calm before the summer madness kicks in…. here’s the low down of why you should nab a holiday now.


1. Fantastic Weather

Say goodbye to the unpredictable British weather and hello to consistent blue skies! July heralds the peak of summer in many parts of the world, offering guaranteed warm temperatures and longer days. Whether you're heading to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or a city break in Europe, you're almost guaranteed to bask in glorious sunshine. Temperatures this season in many places are also more comfortable for sightseeing and trekking than in the sweltering month of August.

2. Avoid the Crowds

One of the biggest perks of travelling in July is that you can enjoy popular destinations before they get swamped with tourists and unwind in peace and quiet. Schools in the UK are still in session at the beginning of the month, meaning fewer families on holiday. This makes for a calmer, more enjoyable experience, whether you're lounging on a beach, waiting to view attractions, exploring exotic coves or lining up at your hotel buffet for breakfast. You'll enjoy all the perks of summer without the hustle and bustle!

3. Better Deals and Discounts

Travel companies often offer great deals in July, just before the peak season kicks in. You'll find cheaper flights, discounted accommodation, and package holidays that won't break the bank. You can even make the most of stretching your budget a bit further and indulging in a bit of luxury without the hefty price tag! Our last-minute offers have been specially curated with these aspects in mind, leaving you with just the exciting task of picking where to head off to next.

4. Extended Daylight Hours

Make the most of the extended daylight hours in July. In many destinations, the sun doesn’t set until late in the evening, giving you more time to explore and enjoy your surroundings. This means more sightseeing, more activities, more relaxation time and gorgeous sunsets!

5. Perfect for Outdoor Activities

For the adrenaline junkies, July is ideal for outdoor thrills. Both the weather and availability is better for sports and activities like hiking, horse or camel riding, paragliding, canoeing, beach volleyball and mountain climbing… Head to the coast of Portugal for world-class surfing conditions or the Alps for some comfortable mountain biking.

6. Spectacular Natural Beauty

July is a splendid time to witness nature at its best. Much of Europe’s countryside is still lush and green, wildflowers are in full bloom, and national parks are teeming with wildlife. Take a scenic road trip through the Lake Garda or the Swiss Alps and be swept away by the peaceful vibes and breathtaking landscapes.

7. Healthy Travel Environment

With fewer people travelling, airports and tourist attractions are less crowded. This not only adds to a pleasant holiday experience, but also means a healthier and sometimes safer and cleaner environment – and let’s not forget the eco-friendly benefits. Enjoy having your breathing space, less queues a heightened service and a generally more comfortable travel experience with a little extra peace of mind.

8. Superior Service

When local establishments are not rushed off their feet, you’re more likely to enjoy an authentic, generous and more personalised service. A café owner, market vendor or bar assistant will often have more time to chat and get to know you as well as give you advice and guidance on the local surroundings, making your holiday encounters all the more memorable!

9. Summer Festivals and Events

July is a fun month for festivals and cultural events around the globe. From Valetta’s International Jazz Festival to celebrations in Spain, Italy, and beyond, there’s plenty to enjoy. Soak up the local culture, enjoy live music, and create unforgettable memories.

10. Kids are Still in School

Take advantage of the fact that the kids are still in school and escape for a romantic getaway or a stress-free trip with friends. Indulge in adult-only resorts, pin drop silent beaches, and the freedom to bliss out or explore without worrying about keeping an eye on your little ones or the older kids entertained.

From pleasant temperatures on castle hilltops and no queues for your favourite water slide to snagging a last-minute reservation at a beachfront cabana, July's the ultimate sweet spot when it comes to happy holidays! So why wait? Click here for our Holiday Best exclusive offers to ditch the cloudy back garden and head for sun drenched sands in the pre-summer calm. Your holiday countdown starts now!

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